Game Environment /Props - "Outpost"

A small personal project/scene to practice PBR workflow.
Starting with a low poly mesh from Max into Zbrush.
Baked and textured in Substance Painter.
Imported into Unreal Engine 4 for lighting/fx, presentation video and screenshots.
Composed the soundtrack and added sound fx.
Final edit in Premiere.

SketchFab Version -

This piece was originally inspired by this Warcraft style concept I came across online -


Some still images from the video. Unreal Engine 4.


Zbrush sculpts and 3dsMax layout for scene export to Substance Painter.


Substance Painter - Result of baking and final texturing,
PBR Metal Roughness.
Base Color/Normal/Roughness/Metalness/AO.


Unreal Engine 4 - Material setup, Lighting and Cameras. Created 8 cameras and used Sequencer to capture and export the clips.

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